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Welcome to the first Full Size Cable in Stockholm! (and the longest in Scandinavia)

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Welcome to the first Full Size Cable in Stockholm! (and the longest in Scandinavia)


We opened up the 7th season 6th of May 2017!

For opening hours - see “öppettider” at this page - or at our Facebook page!

We celebrated our 6th anniversary (7th season)this year, and we hope to have yet another awesome summer with heaps of sun and good riding in 2017!

What’s this?

The park was built 2011 and is one of two full-size cable parks in Sweden. A cable park is the equivalent of a snowboard- or skateboard park, but for water-sports such as wakeboard, wake-skate, water-skis and knee-board. The park is located just by Arlanda airport at the lake “Halmsjön”, 30 km north of Stockholm.

How to find us? Check the map on the front-page or directions here (Swedish only).

What does it cost?

You buy your ticket per hour, and can choose to either bring your own equipment or rent everything at the site. A two hour ticket costs 275 SEK without equipment or 550 SEK including full equipment.

For full pricelist, see the page in swedish here

What’s the setup?

The Cable Park has an anti clock-wise, five pylon Rixen cable, 623 meter long with 550m floating jetties around the course. We have 11-12 different features: fun box, 19m Flat bar (slider), four Kickers, A-frame, Grind-box, pipe rail, an 23m Elephant (Nellie), Street-rail and one Transfer-rail. The natural lake is only 3-5 meters deep which means rather warm water during season, up to +26C (!) in the summer!

If I want to stay for a shred-weekend?

The Cable Park has two guest cottages, just some 200 meters from the park. Charming early 1900 century style (hostel standard) for up to 22 guests, from only 225:- (€ 22) /night. Please mail to check the booking status first!

Other stuff

We also have a sauna (of course), a restaurant with rights for serving beer and wine, two dressing rooms with warm showers, a small shop as well as a mini-ramp for skateboarding, a beach-volley course, a large trampoline, some SUP:s and Pétange.

If you have any more questions - please contact us at or +46707290120

Welcome to our place!



Telephone to the park +46 707 290 120. Telefone to the office in Stockholm +46 8-26 20 77.

We prefer E-mail: for general inquieries, for booking etc.

Booking only possible beyond regular hours. During opening hours, we apply DROP IN

Opening hours

1st of May - 23rd of June: Thursdays and Saturday-Sunday.

28th of June - 20th of August:

Tuesday-Sundays 12-20. Mondays closed.

22th of august - 30th of September;

Thursdays 17:30-20 Saturday-Sundays 12-19

We close the season the last weekend of September.

During opening hours it’s only DROP IN!

Visiting adress

Smuttan 123, Halmsjön, 190 35 Sthlm-Arlanda.


Telefon till anläggningen är +46707-290 120 (under säsong)till kontoret i Stockholm 08-26 20 77 (off-season). Vi föredrar alltid dock mail, eftersom vi servar åkare under öppettid. för allmän information, för bokningsförfrågningar.

For information in English, click HERE


Smuttan 123, Halmsjön, 190 35 Sthlm-Arlanda. (Med GPS ange stad: Sigtuna innan adress).


Stockholm Watersports Center AB, Box 19055, 167 19 Bromma. Besöksadress: Alviksvägen 32, 167 56 Bromma.